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Advice for Seniors

It's your senior year! Be sure to:

  • Check that graduation requirements are being met
  • Take ACT/SAT tests as needed
  • If you need teacher recommendations, kindly ask the selected teacher early in the fall if he/her is willing to write a letter for you
  • Update your resume and give a copy to your counselor and teacher recommenders
  • Attend your school's fall college fair
  • Continue to speak to college reps visiting your school
  • Complete your college visits
  • Investigate financial aid and apply for scholarships
  • Finalize your college choices with your counselor
  • Complete college applications and send test scores to colleges
  • Submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in January
  • Send first-semester grades to the colleges that request them
  • Attend Financial Aid Night at your school with your parents
  • Write thank-you notes to the teachers who wrote your recommendations
  • Make your final college choice
  • Inform schools you will not be attending
  • Send your final transcript to the college you will attend

Junior Year is So Important!

  • Talk to college representatives visiting your school
  • Attend College Night
  • Take the PSAT in October and an ACT in December
  • Register to take SAT/ACT tests in the spring
  • Remind parents to attend the college information session presented by the counselors
  • Further research careers that interest you
  • Use the computer to identify colleges that appear to be a good fit for you
  • Begin to tour college campuses
  • Start to search for scholarships
  • Talk to your counselor about your high school record and interests in terms of finding a good college fit
  • Take MEAP and AP tests if appropriate
  • Begin to prepare your resume
  • In the summer, obtain applications and begin to prepare them

Sophomore Year Is for Learning about Yourself and Careers

  • Keep your options open by taking a broad and challenging academic program
  • Take the PSAT in October if appropriate
  • Take the ACT PLAN if offered
  • Attend College Night
  • Explore your career interests with your counselor
  • Continue to be involved in extra-curricular and volunteer activities
  • Talk to your parents about college plans
  • Research colleges in which you are interested
  • Plan your final two academic years with your counselor being certain that you are fully meeting graduation requirements and properly preparing for college

Freshman Year Is a Year of Transition

  • Begin to build a good foundation
  • Settle into the routine of high school
  • Take a strong academic program, but do not go to extremes
  • Become involved in extra-curricular and volunteer projects
  • Talk to your counselor about your academic progress and your plans for the future
  • When on family trips, visit colleges
  • Ask older students advice on planning for the future

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