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Internet Tools to Help Families Prepare for College

Friday, April 20, 2018

Students often ask me what study tools are available to help them get better grades while spending less time studying.  Many of these are free or offer a basic version to try.  

Below are some apps to help users become better students.

Khan Academy:  many subjects online to help you learn.  Also, has ACT and SAT prep which is Free

           Evernote:  record and store notes 

           Dropbox:  create and access files from any device

GoConqr:  create mind maps from projects, make flash cards and create your own quizzes

Wunderlist:  organize and share your to-do lists

Parents should regularly read the Saving for College Website (

Some recent articles are:  Should Grandparents switch 529 plan ownership to parents?

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Teacher Recommendations for College Applications

Friday, April 20, 2018

When considering which teachers to select for teacher recommendations start with determining which three classes were your favorite.  What did you do in class that was worthy of praise?  Teacher evaluations should have anecdotes of your performance in class which might include participation in discussions, class presentations, group projects and essays.  What character traits did you demonstrate?  Some traits important to teachers are integrity, independence, initiative, responsibility, maturity, respect, perseverance, attention, punctuality, and going beyond expectations.  Did you demonstrate intellectual curiosity, creativity and unique solutions to problems?  What makes you stand-out so the teacher remembers you as a devoted student?

Some classes may have been a challenge for you.  Often the teacher who taught you in the class where you earned a C, has the most to say about your character and perseverance.  Colleges are interested in tenacity and grit.  

I can help you determine which teachers will help you tell your story to a college admissions team.  Give me a call.  

March Madness for High School Seniors

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Seniors now are hearing from colleges who use the common acceptance date. Receiving an acceptance is wonderful, but sometimes the news is not good.  You are waitlisted, or worse, rejected.  Rejections hurt.  Why doesn't the college want me as much as I want it?  What else could I have done?  

Stop second guessing yourself!  Admission to college is competitive and rejections often are part of the process.  

If you were waitlisted and the school is your first choice, follow the college’s instructions for remaining on the waitlist and let the college know that it is your first choice.  If you have new information for the college, such as special awards or achievements, update your file.  In the meantime, evaluate your current acceptances, plan to attend “accepted student” programs at those colleges that interest you and select a school that meets your needs.  

When I prepare a list of colleges for a client, I realize that there are many wonderful educational institutions where the student can flourish.   There is not one place that is perfect.   When you are not accepted by your first choice, remember that you have other excellent opportunities.  Look them over and pick one.

Keeping up with aid, admissions, and colleges

Thursday, January 22, 2015

If there is one thing we can count on, it's that what we learned even a few years ago about financial aid practices, college admissions procedures, and even what individual colleges are looking for will have changed by now.

That's why I constantly monitor the practices and procedures that will impact my clients, and why I visit numerous college campuses, and have many meetings with the admissions staffs of colleges everywhere.

When I visit college campuses, meet with these admissions offices, and learn new policies and practices that will affect my clients, I will post my findings here, in my blog, and also send them in my newsletter, so be sure to sign up!

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