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March Madness for High School Seniors

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Seniors now are hearing from colleges who use the common acceptance date. Receiving an acceptance is wonderful, but sometimes the news is not good.  You are waitlisted, or worse, rejected.  Rejections hurt.  Why doesn't the college want me as much as I want it?  What else could I have done?  

Stop second guessing yourself!  Admission to college is competitive and rejections often are part of the process.  

If you were waitlisted and the school is your first choice, follow the college’s instructions for remaining on the waitlist and let the college know that it is your first choice.  If you have new information for the college, such as special awards or achievements, update your file.  In the meantime, evaluate your current acceptances, plan to attend “accepted student” programs at those colleges that interest you and select a school that meets your needs.  

When I prepare a list of colleges for a client, I realize that there are many wonderful educational institutions where the student can flourish.   There is not one place that is perfect.   When you are not accepted by your first choice, remember that you have other excellent opportunities.  Look them over and pick one.

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