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For Students

Students in Grades 8-10

We will help younger teenagers and their parents with the following:

  • Determination of student interests, talents and vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of the scholastic record to assist in the selection of appropriate high school classes and extra-curricular activities that will develop student potential

Students in Grades 11-12

We will help older adolescents and their parents with the following:

  • Analysis of the school program and activities to determine how the record reflects interests, abilities, and aptitudes
  • Provide suggestions to accentuate the positive
  • Assistance in finding the ‘fit’ that is appropriate for the student taking into consideration unique talents and goals
  • Step-by-step help with the total application process until a final decision is reached
  • Guidance in finding the individual "voice" for the application essay, as well as appropriate editorial assistance
  • Help with understanding financial aid and how it applies to the family

The best college match for a student might very well be one that is not well known to the student or parents. Through our guidance, students have gotten into excellent schools all around the country that they may not otherwise have heard about, and gotten the degree they wanted.

Preparation is the key to getting into the program and school you want. No matter what the end goal is, we'll help plan out how to go about preparing for it.

Grosse Pointe College Consulting

1020 Bishop Road
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
Office phone: 313 882 2526
Cell Phone: 313 590 0239

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