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Getting to Know the Client

We start the process by getting to know the student and the family. We meet with the student and her/his parents to discuss the student's academic profile, needs, and dreams. We will:

  • Administer a career inventory
  • Interpret and review the inventory with the student and his/her parents so they understand how interests, learning styles and talents match college programs and career goals. The family will receive a written report.
  • Suggest college majors, fields of study and potential careers that reflect the findings on the career inventory
  • Collect information about the student's academic, extracurricular and athletic achievements through the analysis of the transcript, test scores and questionnaires completed by the student and parents
  • Offer advice on high school academic programming, summer experiences and admissions testing

The College Search

As we get to know the student, we begin to develop a list of colleges that we believe will suit the student in terms of academic, social, financial, career and geographical criteria. We base this list upon our first-hand knowledge of hundreds of schools in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We will:

  • Help the student learn about the schools on the list so that he/she is able to narrow the list down to the schools to which he/she will apply
  • Assist the family in planning college visits
  • Help the student develop successful interviewing techniques
  • Advise students interested in special topics such as athletic recruiting, artistic portfolios or music auditions

The Application Process

Once the student has selected the schools to which he/she will apply, we will:

  • Review all applications for accuracy and completeness
  • Assist the student in developing a resume
  • Guide the student in the essay-writing process with editing help as needed
  • Analyze the college responses and help the family make the final decision

Financial Planning

Because college is such a huge investment, we will help the family:

  • Determine which financial aid forms are needed and offer help in how to complete them and when to submit them
  • Locate professional long-term financial planning services if needed
  • Determine which institutions may give the most aid to the student

Grosse Pointe College Consulting

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Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
Office phone: 313 882 2526
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